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Model WG3526-5G
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PackagePackage|Plastic,  Amarelo de cabedal caso 330 * 230 "60 mm (milímetros) KSKweight0.8 al weight1.4 momentos em outras Informationcertification 3 c cerifcationWorking K Temperature: -20 to 60EnvironnentStorage Tamperation -40 to 70Working humidity:  10% to 90%RH Non-candensingStorage humidity:  5% to 90%RH Non-condensingSoftwareSystomopemwrtWorking Mode AP:ROUTERIntemetWAN accessPPPoE dial up. Automaticaly obtain  IP, match IPDHCP serverOHCP server;  cliont Ist;  statc addross allocationVirtual serverPort forwanding: DMZ hostSecurity Settings Clent nhoring: Mac addross titering:  URL smoringSoftware function3G/4G DialPPP, GobiNet, OMI, USB_DHCPDispoly 3GANG dgral shengh:  opeator,  Sa cand nunberS card runber,3G/4G4G module idenkfcatonMELCPS (aogrphis kowani nkma pikn taficsoftware leaturesWANHG Dua  Ink priortyMANG dua ink ineigent sntchingAdvancedTerminei management Qos speed im: NAT acekerarkon:  DMZ tost DONB. pon fonwarting:  blace and while s doad ingintPN denk Kertikation sanceak managenantapplicationre erering:  Web torare uograde frrmwere rerota upgredeand soon,

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